Car Emergency Kit List

Published on 14 May 2014

Regardless of your car age and length of your car journey, be prepared for anything in advance of and during your journey with our car boot ‘must have’ items:

  • 2 Litres Of Water – To replace windscreen fluid, radiator fluid or in case of break downs to hydrate driver or passengers.
  • Black Refuse Bag – To kneel on in wet weather for changing a tyre, to cover your body if you forget a coat when you check under the bonnet, or to cover your seat if you get wet whilst outside.
  • Paper Towels – To check engine oil, clean windows inside or out.
  • Jump Leads – In case you or a stranded driver gets in trouble.
  • First Aid Box – A basic first aid box with plasters, antiseptic wipes & eye wash is a must for every car.
  • Spare Tyre & Tools – Always check these are in the boot & are fully functioning.
  • A Reflective Triangle – Highlighting a breakdown on the road ensures other drivers can overtake you safely or assist you.
  • Jerry (Fuel) Can – If ever faced with an empty fuel tank on the road side, a Jerry can may be needed. (Tip; tape a €5 note to this just in case).


Winter Essentials 

Plan ahead for the winter months in unpredictable Irish weather with items like ice scrapers and window protectors, plus for those living in mountain or hilly areas a shovel may come in handy in snowy periods.

There are also a number of other essentials you should keep close to hand in the glove box of your car, including:

  • Car Insurance Details
  • Car Manual
  • Pen and Paper
  • Emergency Contact Numbers – Handy to keep in case you don’t have mobile phone access.
  • In Car Phone Charger – In case your mobile battery is low. For a safer option, a backup booster pack can be good in case the car issue is battery related, as these require no power point once charged in advance.
  • Torch and Extra Batteries

If you’re planning a long trip over the summer, check out our Safe Family Car Trip downloadable guide from Mummypages.

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