Hidden Dangers in Our Homes: The Liberty Insurance Report 

Published on 19 April 2024

Here in Ireland, we’re renowned for our hospitality, always willing to welcome visitors into our homes. Whether it’s to celebrate Christmas, a birthday or just a Sunday roast, we’re forever opening our doors to friends, family and colleagues.

But while our houses are generally warm, welcoming spaces, they’re also surprisingly dangerous, with the majority of accidents and injuries occurring within our homes. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s visitors who get hurt, which can leave you out of pocket if you’re not insured.

At Liberty Insurance, we provide protection for the way you live in the real world. That’s why in the months of September and October, 2023, we asked RED C Research & Marketing to survey 500 car and/or home insurance owners about their homes. The results showed that there are steps we can take to prevent unexpected accidents from happening — and insurance cover to help us deal with them if they do.

  1. Visitors have experienced accidents in more than a third of households

Accidents happen, we know that. But to find out how frequently they occur, we asked our respondents to describe incidents they’ve experienced with visitors. Thankfully, the majority say that they’ve managed to avoid major accidents at home, but the results reveal that a visitor has tripped over something in almost a quarter of the households interviewed.

One in ten respondents said that a visitor suffered a burn or a cut and 3% even reported an electric shock, showing that no home is safe from the unexpected. Some visitors were bitten or otherwise injured by a pet, which isn’t entirely surprising as there were almost 460 hospitalisations following dog bites in 2022 according to the Health Service Executive (HSE).  

Home accidents

These results demonstrate the wide range of potential dangers that lurk within our four walls, but interestingly, the most common is as simple as falling over a missed step or a loose tile.


2. We can reduce the number of accidents with safety checks in the home

It’ll never be possible to fully remove every danger in your home, but it’s certainly a good idea to take precautionary steps. Our survey found that two thirds of individuals inspect their smoke detectors annually, which is a vital task as on average, 46 people in Ireland die as a result of fire every year.

Our research revealed that less than half of the group surveyed undertake other safety checks such as inspecting pipelines, electrical outlets, first aid supplies and flooring on a yearly basis. This is something that’s easily rectified by creating an annual reminder on your calendar — even a cursory check is better than nothing at all.

The National Office of Clinical Audit issued a very helpful home safety checklist that can help prevent falls in the home, the leading cause of major trauma in Ireland. If you’re expecting a group of visitors to celebrate a birthday, communion or Christmas get-together, take a moment to scan through the list and take action where you can.  

Home safety checklist


3. Most people don’t know what their home insurance covers

We get it, insurance policy booklets don’t make for the most interesting reading. But they are important, especially if you want to make sure you’re protected should an accident or incident happen in your home. When we asked our respondents what their home insurance covered, around half said they weren’t sure.  

However, some people have taken the time to make sure they’re protected: nearly two in five reported having cover for personal injuries to visitors and almost one in five know that they’re covered for loss or damage to visitors’ items and Christmas gifts stored in the home.  

This is especially important during the festive season, when we tend to have relatives or friends staying over. Burglaries at home typically rise during this period too and should the worst happen, we can help you avoid disappointed faces on Christmas morning.  

That’s because Liberty Insurance delivers affordable home insurance that comes with real peace of mind when it comes to the place where you live.  


Whether you’re a long-term renter, a first-time buyer or a landlord, we have a home insurance policy for you. Choose from building insurance, contents insurance or a combination of the two.  

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