How to Sell your Car in Ireland

Published on 13 November 2014

Do you want to sell a car, but feel a bit daunted about the process? Fear not – with our handy tips below, it can be less painful!

Where to Sell Your Car?

First up, you need to decide where to advertise your car. In a pre-digital age, this would primarily have been via a car dealership, motor print publications or in the classifieds sections of newspapers. These are still viable options but why not cast the net wider by advertising online?

Some top Irish websites include DoneDeal, Buy & Sell, Carzone, AutoTrader, Adverts and Gumtree.

Give Your Car Kerb Appeal

Make a list of anything that you think might add value to the car.

Before you go any further, give your car a thorough clean – both inside and out. Make a list of anything that you think might add value to the car such as fog lights, alloy wheels, central locking and another list of any extras included like a CD player or cruise control.

The Price is Right

Now you need to price your car. You probably have a fair idea how much it’s worth, but be sure to have a look at some of the sites above to see what similar models are going for. This way, your wheels will be priced competitively and you’re more likely to strike a deal quickly. Simple!

First Impressions Count

With a good quality camera or phone, take photos of the car from every angle. You’re usually allowed upload up to nine so make sure to capture the back, front, sides, seats, dashboard and anything else that looks good!

Keep the Advert Simple and Clear

Now it’s time to write the ad. Keep it simple; start off with make and year, then include the factors above and don’t forget relevant service history and when the next NCT is due.

Allocate Time for Viewings

Meet in as public a place as possible.

When potential buyers start responding, be sure you’ve set aside time in the evenings to show it and, if possible, keep it somewhere handy to get to (a parent’s house might be nearer a city-wide motorway, for example). Remember to stay safe too; meet in as public a place as possible and if you’re in any way apprehensive, ask a friend or family member to join you.

Meet & Greet, Test Driving and be Honest

Try not to negotiate price over phone or email; instead, encourage punters to view the car. When they arrive, be open and honest about its condition and make sure you have all the relevant information as they’ll probably have lots of questions. Most interested parties will want to test drive the car – this is fine, but be sure to either go with them, or send a friend or family member along.

Be sure to get the payment in full and accept cash or a bank draft only.

Negotiate with confidence

Once you’ve agreed on a price (don’t be afraid to stand your ground), be sure to get the payment in full and accept cash or a bank draft only. If paid by a cheque and it bounces, you could have a hard time tracking your buyer down again.

Sign and Send Change of Ownership Yourself 

Don’t forget you’ll then need to fill out a change of ownership form. This will officially close the deal, meaning you’re no longer responsible for the car. Be sure that you post this form and do not allow the buyer to take it with them.

And just like that, you’ve sold your car! Don’t forget, when you’ve selected a new model, be sure to check out our comprehensive insurance policies.