Protect Your Precious and Personal Belongings

Published on 27 April 2017

Protect what’s precious and personal to you this bank holiday weekend

When it comes to protecting our most treasured items, it seems more than half of us are a little bit lax when it comes to installing burglar alarms. And in what surely must be a sign of the times our most valued possessions are, for men, technology and for women, photos.

Every year, we carry out research* into the attitudes of Irish people to home safety. Here’s what we found out this year.

Less than half have an alarm installed
While less than half of people surveyed (45%) had a house alarm, most of those who did armed their alarms (87%) when leaving the house. Only 5% do not use their house alarm regularly.

We also found that 93% of homes had a smoke alarm installed, but only 1/3 of people tested them once a month with just 11% testing them less than once a year or never.

So, what are our most valued possessions?
It’s no surprise that in the 21st Century 46% of Irish men value their technology above all other items, while 36% of women treasure their photos the most.

Read more of our surprising findings, and our top five safety tips here:


If you’re leaving your house for this long weekend, make sure to protect what’s precious and personal to you by checking your locks and arming your alarm.

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*Research was commissioned by Liberty Insurance and conducted by Red C Research in April 2017.