Home Insurance as it should be, for Ireland

Your home insurance won’t stop the unexpected happening, but it should mean you’re covered when it does. With our building and contents cover, it’s about making a difficult time easier.

Home Emergency Assistance

Home Emergency Assistance

If something goes wrong, you’ll need help quickly. So if you have a blocked drain or roof damage, you’ll be happy to know you’ve access to qualified tradesmen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without affecting your no claims discount.

With home emergency assistance you are covered for emergency repairs, up to €250, for: plumbing, blocked drains and toilets, internal electrics, roof damage, external glass and locks and keys. The cover is included as standard on both buildings and contents polices. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.


New for Old Contents Insurance

New-for-old contents cover

In the event of a claim, if your belongings cannot be repaired we'll cover the cost of replacing them with brand new ones.
Very often, items like flooring, bedlinen, and clothing are subject to a ‘wear and tear’ clause by insurers.

We do it differently, with no wear and tear deduction from your claim payment, because we think that’s how it should be. Terms and conditions apply.

Insurance for Credit and Debit Card Theft

Cash and credit card cover

Our house insurance cover includes €1,500 for credit and debit card theft and fraud.

We’ll also cover any personal money in the home. In fact, personal cheques, traveller’s cheques, postal and money orders, current postage stamps, national savings stamps and certificates, Premium Bonds, luncheon voucher or travel tickets are all covered up to a total of €500. Terms and conditions apply.

Also includes:

  • Multi Policy Discount
  • Heating oil cover
  • Fire brigade charges
Multi-Policy Insurance Discounts

Multi Policy Discount

We’re rewarding customer loyalty by giving you discounts of up to 10% on every additional motor or home insurance policy you buy from us. Terms and conditions apply.

Heating Oil Insurance Available

Heating oil cover

A leak in your oil tank doesn't mean that you'll have to go cold. We'll pay up to €750 for loss of heating oil through a sudden and unexpected leak as standard with our contents cover. Terms and conditions apply.

Free Fire Brigade Charges Available

Fire brigade charges

The last thing you want to worry about when you’ve had an emergency at your house, is fire brigade charges. We will pay up to €2000 as a result of an incident insured by your policy. Terms and conditions apply.

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