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What is named driving experience

What is named driving experience?

This is a discount we offer if you haven't had a policy in your own name before, but have been a named driver on someone else's policy without any claims.

  • It works in the same way as a no claims bonus, so you get a discount on your premium for your experience.
  • To get the discount you must have been named on a private car.
  • The end date of the most recent named driving period must be within the last 24 months.
  • It must be at least one year, and each year must be a full 12 months.
  • This means there must be no more than 24 months in between driving periods and no more than 24 months since you have last been named on a policy.
  • For van insurance you must have been named on a commercial van or truck policy.
  • If you qualify for the discount, you'll need to send us proof (a letter from the previous insurance company) once you start your policy.
  • Please note Named Driver Experience earned on a Motorbike, Motor trade or fleet policies cannot be used on a Private Motor policy.

My Named Driving Experience is on a company car, is this accepted?

We accept named driving discount for company cars, as long as the car was specifically for your own use.

If you still work for the company and have the sole use of a car we cannot accept this Company Car Driving experience.

You will need to provide a letter from the insurance company saying you were named on the policy and there were no claims.

If you were not named on the company policy, you need to provide:

  • Proof from the company who owned the car that you were the only driver of the car.
  • Proof from the insurance company or broker that there were no claims.

What if my Named Driving Experience is from outside ROI?

  • If your Named Driving Experience has been earned outside the Republic of Ireland, it must have been earned in the past 24 months, within UK, all EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Once we receive proof of your named driving experience, we will contact your last insurer to confirm the document is valid.
  • We may need your help during this process so we would request that you assist us with this. For example we may ask you for contact details for your last insurer. We may also request that you contact your previous insurer to allow us to obtain information on your previous policy.
  • This process may take some time.
  • If we are unable to confirm your named driving experience this may result in the removal of your discount, hence your premium may increase.

What do I need to do next?

Once you buy your policy, you will need to provide us with proof of your named driving experience. To do this you will need to send us a letter from each of your previous insurers to show the period you were a named driver on each policy and prove you were claim free.

We cannot accept a Certificate of Insurance, proposal form or Insurance Schedule of Insurance as proof of your named driving experience.

You can email a copy or clear photo of your named driving experience to us. You can contact us here. Remember to reference your policy or reference number clearly in any emails you send to us.

If you earned your Named Driving Experience with Liberty Insurance under a previous policy please contact us to advise.

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