Car insurance as it should be, for Ireland

Buying car insurance should be simple and fair. We want to help make Irish roads safer too, so our car insurance discounts reward safer drivers, supporting road safety in Ireland. We believe this is insurance as it should be.

Drive Safer Reward

Drive Safer Reward

Safe drivers pay more attention. So shouldn't they pay less money for car insurance? We've extended our Drive Safer Reward giving you 60% off on fully comprehensive car insurance if you have five or more years No Claims Bonus.

And now, at Liberty Insurance, you get 6 weeks free insurance when you get a quote and buy a new private motor policy online. We want to make the roads safer - and save you money too.

Multi Policy Insurance Savings

Multi Policy Discount

We’re rewarding customer loyalty by giving you discounts of up to 10% on every additional motor or home insurance policy you buy from us. This discount extends to policies in your spouse or partner's name too.

The multi-policy insurance discount is only available for Republic of Ireland eligible insurance policies. Terms and conditions apply.

Step back no claims protection

Step back no claims protection

Accidents happen, even to the most experienced drivers. Your good driving record should count, even if you have to make a claim on your car insurance. We protect part of your no claims discount so you won’t have to start again from scratch after just one claim.

With step back no claims protection, if you have five or more years no claims discount, you will keep two years after one claim. If you have four years discount, you will keep one year after your first claim.

Also includes:

  • Breakdown assistance with homestart
  • Windscreen cover
  • Car hire after theft
Free Car Breakdown Cover Available

Breakdown assistance with homestart

For those days when your car won't start at home or breaks down at the side of the road, your Liberty Insurance car policy has you covered. Find out more.

Car Insurance Windscreen Cover

Windscreen cover

A comprehensive car insurance policy just wouldn’t be complete without windscreen cover that doesn’t affect your no claims discount.

Standard on fully comprehensive car policies, optional for third party, fire and theft. Terms and conditions apply

Courtesy Car After Accident

Car hire after theft

If your car is stolen and you don't have it back within 24 hours, we will provide a hire car until it is recovered, up to a max of five days. This benefit applies to comprehensive car insurance only and does not apply to vehicles used for public or private hire. Terms and conditions apply.